The best buy for Boys is our exclusive blue and white stripe ribbon belt fo wear to most events.s.The pattern consists of alternating stipes of medium blue and white on anvy6 canvas webbing It is completed with a brass buckle and leather tabs.

Boy's Preppy Ribbon Belt Blue and White Stripe |Designs by Lillie

  • $45.00

Boy's preppy blue and white stripe ribbon belt  Is a Designs by Lillie Exclusive sold on line or events. It is the perfect belt for school or any outing on the planet. Looks exceptional at the Golf Couse, or dinner with Mom and Dad. Check out the monogram page, and have your initials digitized on your belt.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 100% woven ribbon design
  • Finished on high grade cotton webbing that wears well
  • Completed with high grade leather tabs and a brass buckle