I love the Doves in white with Holley in their beak. There style  will compliment jeggings, dresses, and other Holiday attire. A favorite among needlepoint lovers.

By Paige Needlepoint Shoes Doves Fall/Winter on Black

  • $258.00


A handstitched needlepoint loafer with whimsical designs to fit your every mood. Leather trim and lining. 

Upon initially trying on the shoes, they will feel a little bit snug. This is intentional as they will mold and stretch to your foot with wear and we promise will be the most comfortable flats you'll ever wear!

  • 100% needlepoint upper, stitched by hand
  • Fully lined in buttery soft leather
  • Composite sole
  • .5 inch heel
  • Designed by Paige Andrews in Texas