Men's Lacrosse ribbon belt  has a  red white and blue pattern. It is a  Designs by Lillie Exclusive. It is created with navy cotton webbing, leather tabs and a brass buckle.

Men's Custom Ribbon Belt Lacrosse Helmet and crossed Sticks |Designs by Lillie

  • $49.00

Men's most popular custom canvas ribbon Lacrosse belt of the year is designed with a red and white helmet with white crossed sticks.  The design is a Lillie Exclusive and sold on  line or at  tournaments .The pattern is ageless and worn by high scorers and their coach.

  • Features:

    • Available in size 30-44
    • Can be made with D-rings in place of leather tabs
    • Stitched on 100% cotton webbing for durability
    • Finished with fine leather tabs and brass buckle
    • Made in the USA